Deathloop, Jett: The Far Shore Previews - PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 84 -

Deathloop, Jett: The Far Shore Previews – PS I Love You XOXO Ep. 84

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Greg, Blessing, and Janet dig into their time with two of the PS5’s hottest upcoming games — Deathloop and Jett: The Far Shore!

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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Start
00:08:57 – Housekeeping
00:11:40 – Why should we play Genshin Impact?
00:15:32 – Deathloop Preview
01:12:48 – Jett: The Far Shore Preview
01:35:07 – Gamescom PlayStation Highlights
01:48:53 – Playstation Picks

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  1. Blessing hating 12 minutes is blasphemy that game is genius.

  2. In my house my friend and I randomly saying in Snake voice "Shadow Moses", the fact yall just did that…I effin love this community🙌🏿👑😭❤ Great minds man, great minds…..

  3. I would be shocked if Death Loop moves the needle for Arkane, it's a confusing looking game and PS5 games still aren't selling, it has a pretty bad attachrate for exclusives still and this does not have the wider appeal something like Ratchet has which didn't sell that much 1.1 million copies. If it was crossgen like Spider-Man Miles Morales maybe it would do better but I think it'll be at that Ratchet/Demon's Souls level hanging around 1 mil in sales

  4. For some reason I didn’t get a notification for this upload from YouTube. Weird.

    Dishonored 2 is a top 5 game of last gen for me. I’m Day One for Deathloop. I’m intrigued l by Jett as well.

  5. Janet and Bless are great for this podcast.

  6. Big bummer on jet the far shore. There was a rumor it was coming to PS+ so from these reviews I assume it will probably go that way otherwise it seems like it won’t sell well. I was skeptical if game would be to slow but was hoping I’d be proven wrong. I guess they can’t all be winners sadly.

  7. I love that Janet was straight up like “I don’t like this game and I don’t think it’s good” that’s rare on this channel and I appreciate it

  8. disappointing to hear that none of you enjoy JETT. I am really looking forward to it, but will see if I feel similarly

  9. Jonathon Dornbush at IGN review of Jett the far shore is almost the exact opposite and talked about how much he liked it. Interesting.

  10. I have Tim Gettys level of hype for Deathloop. cantwait.gif

  11. I still think 12 minutes was one of the best games of the year

  12. To be a fly on the wall of the conversation when Gen asked Greg what he thought about the game.

  13. Unfortunately i wont be buying deathloop for the simple fact that Bethesda sold out and just shut off me as a consumer. I can’t support a company that just says fuck you to 100 million fans. Wont waste my money anymore

  14. Great show! The discussion on Deathloop makes me wonder how similar it is to Hitman, where you are also trying to orchestrate scenarios to get your targets to where you want them.

  15. Barrett, I'm gonna put your feet to the fire here: you say that Dishonored 2 has the best level design in any game every time you mention it but you never really elaborate as to why. I've read about the clock tower level. Is there more to it than that?

    As someone who couldn't get into the sequel after enjoying the original game, what's so good about the level design that would separate it from something like Dark Souls?

  16. So Deathloop is Majora's Mask if Majora's Mask was a first person shooter immersive sim? Radical.

  17. I reeeaally want this game, but I don't have a PS5. I will absolutely play it eventually.

  18. Pretty sure I'm going to like Jett and I'm not going to care about Deathloop so dissenting time

  19. Deathloop has been my most anticipated new game for a year.

    Jett: The Far Shore reminds me of In Other Waters crossed with Haven, so I'm still interested in it. Not even sure how to take the criticisms since I don't know how either of those mentioned games would be received by y'all either.

  20. enjoy the last of the bethesda games ponies!! hahahha

  21. so tired of hearing about deathloop. Seen too much of it now, don't even want to play it anymore.

  22. I agree with Janet, I just rather spend my time playing something else.

  23. Really hoping this just has a couple months exclusivity, not a whole year

  24. Hearing your impressions and experience on Jett and I think '' Oh , so it's like Death Stranding?'' xD 
    But honestly kinda bummed, looked like a curious game

  25. Haven’t watched PSILY on YouTube in a while but that new intro is so god damn good.

  26. Huge Dishonored guy here, I don't normally watch previews about games, like to go as blind as possible. However, since this is Arkane we are talking I'm curious about what unique factor Deathloop has in comparison to Dishonored because so far, all I'm seeing is Corvo or Emily traversing a level and killing people (which I enjoy a lot as I said) but I'm trying here to understand what makes it different? Aside from the loop thingy.

  27. The reason Dishonoured 2 and 3 did not sell is that Arkane Studios went woke. Come on guys, they even credited Anita Sarkeesian in the credits. Ya’ll are either being disingenuous or uninformed.

  28. Jett sounds like it majorly suffers from style over substance, while Deathloop seems like a perfect pairing of the two. I can’t wait to play it after this preview.

  29. Prey is one of my favorite games of all time so I’m super excited to play Deathloop and this video just upped my hype levels even more.

  30. I wish I was excited for Deathloop. I, sadly, don't like Arkane games much.

  31. I'm so happy this is now an Xbox IP and that Xbox bought the studio .After the one-year exclusivity this game will come out for free in Xbox game pass. Can't wait for Deathloop 2 exclusively on X-BOX

  32. Deathloop has been high on my list ever since that first Blaxploitation-esque reveal trailer, and these early impressions have me very hopeful that they stuck the landing.

  33. The girl is annoying she interrupts too much

  34. Just proves its impossible to only talk about 5 hours in this example

  35. Janet bringing the fire! You love to see it. Jett looked cool but it's dropping into one of the busiest release periods so sales will struggle even if it was great. PCGamer has given it a solid preview and goes over a couple of interesting mechanics you missed out.

  36. The Mega Powers have united to crush my hopes for Jett: The Far Shore

  37. If any game ever needed a demo, its Deathloop. Trailers and just hearing about it just doesn’t cut it.

  38. Arcane is wasted just being on a Microsoft console. Xbox players don't generally have the cognitive aptitude to appreciate a game like that.

  39. Something that was not mentioned is that Jett is not out for the public on PC until Oct.I am wondering if there’s enough time for the developers to correct this issues that reviewers have before that date in some sort of day 1 patch for PC and a fix for console as well. Or if this game is gonna stay like this.

  40. 59:10 Excuse me good sir, but we're getting a new Metroid game. I would appreciate it if you gave it the respect it deserves. Thank you.

  41. This feels like the third time I've heard Barrett review psychonauts 2

  42. I've been up and down with this game, but I think you guys sold me! I'm in!!

  43. Ps I love you delivering great previews! Thanks guys

  44. First episode of PSILYXOXO. I'm am Xbox and PC player and I feel like I am cheating on my spouse by watching this. Lol. I am an avid kinda funny fanboy but I have avoided PSILY because up until now it was pretty much games that I can't play. I'm pumped for Deathloop!!

  45. I love how Janet has accepted her role as the one who just shits on everything 🤣

  46. 58:18 This game looks really good and I’m betting I’ll enjoy it, so if I have to build a pc to play their future games, I will.

  47. I love the art style of Deathloop, but the gameplay loop sounds tedious, so I'll probably wait until after the exclusively ends and try it on Game Pass… 🤷‍♂️

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