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Funny Games US is the US remake of the 1997 film of the same name. Both being directed by Michael Haneke, they very closely resemble each other. This is an intentional choice that Rendan goes into, and much more, in this video.
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Yes, I understand the movie. No, that doesnt change my mind. Let’s just agree to disagree.


  1. I was pulling my hair out, screaming when the remote control scene happened

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing, you will get the subscribers and views you deserve. I love this movie and I love this analysis.

  3. Maybe it's just cause I've seen so many movies that released post-Funny Games (1997) before seeing the actual film, like American Psycho, etc, but the idea that the killers are invincible and everyone dies isn't at all impressive or subversive to me. This movie just does it with an added layer of quirkiness. Of course the director always has absolute power over the movie, and I, personally, never forget that. But what the director crafts with that power is what's important to me, not that I feel in control.

    By 2020, there have been so many flicks where everybody dies and the killer lives on. Unless done exceedingly well, it just comes off as mean spirited film-making. No Country for Old Men did it well. I don't need to be spoiled by a happy ending, I just want what happens on screen to feel like it matters. "Smartly" unsatisfying is still just unsatisfying at the end of the day. Like "subvert your expectations" content making in recent years, except the recent stuff is probably more stupid. All in all, I find Funny Games decent but it doesn't say as much as it likes to think that it does.

  4. i respect movie that is not afraid of killing a kid that brutally

  5. the song gives me the chills…the start and the end are like the creepiest parts of the entire movie

  6. Movie is one of the creepiest to me. I thought less about the meta and just how violent and psychologically torturing they were while acting "polite", mannered, and calm. It was so unsettling. The song and a normal family in the car in the beginning, that juxtaposition 100% captures the unsettling feeling I had for the rest of the movie

  7. "Most and least upsetting?" I'd say it's not "least upsetting'

  8. Im honestly mad I knew about the fourth wall being broken in the film before watching it, Im sure it would have been better if I wasnt expecting it u.u

  9. this is my favorite movie. i watch it every year. it toys so much with the expectations and hopes of the viewer.

  10. First time I watched this movie I was in 7th Grade but it was so entrancing and good it feels almost like a formative memory? The idea of self preservation and family mindedness and the need to enjoy oneself to an almost chaotic degree are two of my main traits

  11. Terrible explanation.. the beginning is not bland or meaningless. Also I think Haneke doesn't believe in film genres like you mentioned

  12. Thank you for explaining what I just watched because no other movie has made me feel so upset at the victims because none of them did what I assumed they would’ve done and because things didn’t turn out how how I expected. Now I am not so mad at it.

  13. I feel like there is still a lot more to be said about what this movie is trying to criticize .. a key point in the movie is the conversation the boys are having while on the boat about how fiction and reality are one and the same.

  14. I get that its definitely amazing if you watched the US version first… but shot-for-short remake just to suit the US market, nothing new to add or comment on… seems like pretty waste of time when the original was done better and more effective

  15. Movie is garbage. Couple of serial killers, nothing more nothing less. The little rewind? An 8th grader could have edited it. A silly cliche that didn’t work. I’d never watch it again.

  16. Great video about a really great movie, props to you my man!

  17. I saw this in the cinema and it was so terrifying and mind-blowing at the same time

  18. If this movie had spawned a subgenre, it would’ve been called Meta Massacre.

  19. This wasnt the Ferris Bueller sequel i was expecting.

  20. Did not like this movie but I appreciate this breakdown!

  21. I remember seeing the remake in theaters totally blind after vaguely remembering the trailer. It was on a first date as well.
    Hahah, it was an interesting time and suffice to say neither of us were really prepared for how brutal and raw this film truly is.
    I love it almost as much as it hates me.

  22. Perfect Blue (1997), another great deconstruction.

  23. Movies like this is the reason why americans love they guns 😂

  24. What makes this 12 year old think he's qualified to analyze anything?

  25. A movie I really liked growing up, thanks for the breakdown!

  26. I interpret the fourth walls break as the 2 white boys thinking their live is a movie and that's why they're so fucked up

  27. I really disliked this film the first time I saw it I was pissed the killer was able to break the rules. I didn't understand the nuances of this movie until I watched your analysis. Now I have a new-found respect for this film.

  28. I was only angry when the dog died.

  29. The guy broke the 4th wall thrice in the movie.
    When he asked the audience what would they do? And when he rewind the death of the brother and the last part was when he looked at the camera at the end.
    My conclusion is they are not normal people.

  30. Man, I saw this movie in the theatre when it first came out. Blew my mind. Gut wrenching. And one of the only people in the theatre besides my buddies and I got up and walked out not long after the opening music kicked in.

  31. I’m sorry, but I don’t think the opening is bland nor boring. It’s just set up and there is obviously something wrong with the family next door

  32. Just watched it on Prime, very good. Surprised I haven’t seen this before. It was suggested along with “It Follows” which I thoroughly enjoyed.

  33. This movie its awsome. Haha my guy. The first chapter worthless… its called a build up . U donky

  34. As genius as it may be, the bad guys win and that sucks.

  35. So he has a magic remote? Am i missing something?

  36. How can you say this is a good movie when you have seen that someone takes a remote control and turns the time back

  37. When I first saw this movie, my heart dropped into my stomach when the golf ball rolled into the room. I was not expecting that to happen.

  38. I turned my son on too this movie..he considers it one of his favorites

  39. I thought they were decent, and I can say Hanaka did very well writing the villains. They're stupid, ugly, spoiled rich assholes, and I legitimately want to beat the living shit out of them. They also did Anne dirty and I'm still kinda mad lol

  40. I just wanna know why they talk about time the way they do..

  41. Funny Games is fucking horrible lol and it's not that I "don't get it" lol. It tries wayyyy too hard.

  42. i agree!, i saw it once and was under the impression it was just a slasher, then learned it was an artistic statement and ive never been the same since. also i cant tell you how many times i have tried to recommend/ explain this film and so many dont understand. and honestly that adds to the beauty.

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