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[CC] “Funny Games” Press Conference in Cannes 1997

Mark Robert
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The 1997 press conference for “Funny Games” in the 1997 Cannes Film Festival where it premiered.

From left to right of the table beside the moderator: Michael Haneke (director), Susanne Lothar (Anna), Ulrich Mühe (Georg), Arno Frisch (Paul), and Veit Heiduschka (producer).

Source: Funny Games Criterion Blu-ray


  1. Oh gosh so many dumb questions. The second questioner clearly didn't get the movie…

  2. A thousand thanks for posting The Master with captions!

  3. Cringing at nearly every question, worse so the Belgian journalist that asked the same question twice, in the most unnecessarily long way each time. You'd think first year film students could think of better questions.

  4. This seems to confirm that his movie is basically a lecture to the audience who would even be interested to see it in the first place. Some people think this is a great movie, others hate it. Personally I don't know exactly how I feel about it – on one hand it subverts tropes in an interesting way but on the other it feels like self-righteous preaching too.

  5. "Wie kann man einem Thriller begegnen"…. Oh man Haneke….

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