Best game of the Year! 不 #shorts #game #funny #challenge -

Best game of the Year! 不 #shorts #game #funny #challenge

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  1. Aaj pata chla videshi bhi aakada bakad bumbey boo karte he

  2. He actually got that inimini mini mo correct!!

  3. Em portugu礙s: minha m瓊e mandou eu escolher esse daqui. Mas como sou muito teimosa escolho esse daqui

  4. 手手手手手毋氣氣氣氣氣

  5. Like a skipping stone by takeshi's castle

  6. The girl missed her turn so technically she shouldnt have won

  7. Por que no lo matan cuando falla?

  8. I want to tell everyone that Jesus Christ loves you all and He sees you. Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. He will be coming back soon "Jesus coming back soon" is not a myth it's actually true, please let's get ready for His coming, He is coming to take His children that obey Him to Heaven, a better place, He doesn'twant us to go to hell. Read Romans 10: 9-17 in the Bible, ask God to come into your hearts ask Him to forgive you of your sins, help you never to go back to them and He should make place you on the right paths in your life tell Him He will put it in other for you anything you want, tell it to Him He will answer you,ask this of God in the name of Jesus Christ and end your prayer with, AMEN(meaning so shall it be).If you prayed this prayer you are now a child of God. 戊 .He cares about you. Thank you.

  9. Moe was right. Silly man, not believing in the moe

  10. So white people too you do "see see see"
    (In a Ghanaian's voice")
    A thumps up if you're a Ghanaian watching

  11. Mera saturn meen 7th house me retrogate hai ..saturn aatmakarak bhi hai …knya lagn hai mera …aur jupiter moon Capricorn me hai ..kya meri multiple marriage hogi?…kya ye denial of marriage hai?

  12. You deserve it girl屢樹荊樹氣樹埠遲埠潑儭

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