Announcing the 2018 DICE Awards Nominees - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.12.18 -

Announcing the 2018 DICE Awards Nominees – Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.12.18

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Jessica Chobot Skypes in to talk about hosting the Awards with Greg and to announce the nominees. Plus, y’all have a lot of Nintendo questions, and Tim has a lot of Nintendo answers.

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00:02:49 – Housekeeping
The Roper Report –
00:03:10 – DICE Award Nominees
00:24:38 – Destiny 2 Update, via Kotaku
00:33:10 – More than 3 million players have played PUBG on Xbox
00:34:00 – Aaron Greenberg Says Xbox Beat PlayStation
00:35:10 – The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:48:45 – What about my Nintendo Coins? – Aaron Bosch
00:48:15 – Why do we give Nintendo a free pass when it comes to the console’s online experience? – Josh
00:52:28 – “airplane game” – Adam E
00:57:25 – How far after a games release do you think its fair for developers/publishers to close down the online services? – CP
01:01:50 – Squad Up: Maria D. (You can reach me on Twitter @mariamilal)
01:04:18- You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Tim


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  1. DICE was a fucking circle jerk between Western games and fucking Nintendo. Persona 5 was nominated for so many awards from many game sites and etc. and was almost completely ignored.

  2. First (always wanted to be able to do that)! Keep up the awesome work guys!

  3. Greg's looking pretty sharp with the beard growing now and that sweater that suits him nicely!

  4. Enjoy your mediocre online service on Switch while it remains free

  5. Tomorrow is Saturday how is Tim hosting? 😉

  6. has anyone used the term poof to refer to gay person in the last 60 years?

  7. So glad to have KFGD back. The break was nice, but something was just missing, ya know?

  8. Ever since they awarded Fallout game of the year over Witcher 3 I been done with dice awards, there is no bouncing back from that because it wasn't even close so there had to be something shady going on . Couldn't care less what they nominate or wins 0 credibility .

  9. Who would of ever thought that Greg would of been able to grow a better beard than Tim, Kevin, Colin and may I even say Nick.

  10. Wowww!! that was so bad… Jessica Chobot was having someone tell her what to say and she was repeating it and man you could tell.

  11. How funny would it be if Pikachu was a down on his luck detective with a raging drinking problem lol

  12. Poof in the UK is a derogatory term for a gay man. No good!

  13. Damn its weird how ever since Colin Left this guys beraly gain subscribers.. they deserve more

  14. Don't love her attitude but just my opinion she seems to be kinda annoyed with Greg. The beard is killer dude it suits you well.

  15. Haven’t watched much in a while when the heck did bearded Colin come back and why does he sound like Greg

  16. How tf do you not have Persona or Nier for best music or Persona in goty? DICE is a joke

  17. Horizon should win best direction, by far. They worked on killzone non-stop for god knows how many years. Killzone 1, killzone liberation, killzone 2, killzone 3, killzone mercenary, killzone shadowfall, and then to suddenly do a complete 180° and begin development on a new ip that is the total opposite of what they were all so familiar with and to utterly knock it out of the fucking park too, is absolutely mind-blowing.

  18. Nier deserves way more nominations. Not even soundtrack? Fucking seriously? And Hollow Knight continues to be snubbed. Also, Hellblade didn't get Sound Design. What a joke.

  19. Does anyone, ANYONE think destiny 2 will win anything? Why is it even on the list for anything but most disappointing game of the year.

  20. Jessica looks like Jennifer Lawrence when she dye her hair black in HG.

  21. The DICE & GDC Awards ceremonies are the grandest of circle jerks in the video game industry.

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