Announcing the 2018 DICE Awards Nominees - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.12.18 -

Announcing the 2018 DICE Awards Nominees – Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.12.18

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Jessica Chobot Skypes in to talk about hosting the Awards with Greg and to announce the nominees. Plus, y’all have a lot of Nintendo questions, and Tim has a lot of Nintendo answers.

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00:02:49 – Housekeeping
The Roper Report –
00:03:10 – DICE Award Nominees
00:24:38 – Destiny 2 Update, via Kotaku
00:33:10 – More than 3 million players have played PUBG on Xbox
00:34:00 – Aaron Greenberg Says Xbox Beat PlayStation
00:35:10 – The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:48:45 – What about my Nintendo Coins? – Aaron Bosch
00:48:15 – Why do we give Nintendo a free pass when it comes to the console’s online experience? – Josh
00:52:28 – “airplane game” – Adam E
00:57:25 – How far after a games release do you think its fair for developers/publishers to close down the online services? – CP
01:01:50 – Squad Up: Maria D. (You can reach me on Twitter @mariamilal)
01:04:18- You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Tim


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  1. Jessica looks like Jennifer Lawrence when she dye her hair black in HG.

  2. The DICE & GDC Awards ceremonies are the grandest of circle jerks in the video game industry.

  3. @ 45:15 you both say “I like it” literally at the exact same moment! It’s super strange and you both act like you didn’t hear what happened!?!?!!! What the heck is happening here lulllllll someone owes someone a sofa No Doubt!

  4. I wonder if Jessica remembers me from when we hooked up in Mass Effect 3?

  5. Shut the fuck up, I'm OLDER than Cool Greg?!? Woah… That's a weird feeling.

  6. Man Greg and Jess together is cringeworthy. They're both great on their own but they do not bounce off each well at all.

  7. You CAN'T hear a pin "drop", not even a bowling pin. You certainly could hear a pin LAND, but you'll find it doesn't make really any noise during the dropping part.

  8. Guys. Poof is a foot rest you get with sofas. A puff is a derogatory word for a gay person that is from the U.K.

  9. Surprised that Persona 5 (my GOTY) wasn’t nominated for the GOTY category. Also a little strange that PUBG is there over P5.

  10. vita was ahead of its time. i still fuck with it tho.

  11. Sometimes when I play Zelda my controller stops responding so for example when I run forward and want to turn left he keeps walking forward for a while. I had it less then 5 times in over 100 hours gameplay but it always freaks me out because of those "left joycon doesn't respond"-stories from launch. I don't know if the issue is with zelda or with the Switch but it's not rly a big deal.

  12. i love the word 'poof'. Its so 80s and rolls off the tongue hilariously

  13. Damn. These more mainstream PS exclusives didn't do it for me this year, and my main console is my Pro. Horizon was just okay to me, like a 7/10, a good podcast listening game. Lost Legacy was like a 6/10 for me. All gameplay was great but God was the character interaction a little painful. Imo the weakest writing naughty dog has delivered post uncharted 1. But it was definitely more fun and concise. I think Nier was a better mankind vs machine game than Horizon. Nioh was awesome too, and obviously persona was also up there for me even if I didn't finish it.
    Regardless, 2017 was a great year for games.

  14. Well, ya done did it now Getty's! Time to get run out of games journalism & start Getty's Last Stand…

  15. I guess were gonna continue hearing how every bad game might be good on switch "I'll give it a try if its on switch" farming simulator 1997? I might play that if its on switch…. fml

  16. inb4 nintendo gets all the big awards because people feel sorry for them

  17. Persona 5 get a hard shaft. Western elite awards show

  18. Didn't he used to say "Singular Possessive News"? What happened to that?

  19. The lack of Persona 5 in the nominations made me sad.

  20. Ear rape intro fix that shit bro disgusting

  21. For the love of God Greg lose the beard!!!! 😀

  22. Greg I think you may be overlooking something regarding your stance that people will come back to Destiny 2.From what I read and what I watch hardcore Destiny fans (and to some degree many more casual fans of the series as well) have already gone through this exact same situation. Game comes out, is a shell of what most people feel it should be and then over time they rebuilt it. All the fans that waited for the original Destiny to become an above average game are mostly fatigued that YET AGAIN we get put through the exact same situation. The sequel should of been a culmination of what Original Destiny was in the last half of it's life cycle. Fool me once, sure, fool me twice no thanks. Considering there are plenty of other great games out there I just don't think people have the patience to be put in such a similar scenario yet again. Leaves a pretty sour taste in my mouth that's for sure.

    I mean really, just go look up all the youtubers/streamers that have abandoned the game despite the franchise being the focal point of their channel. People are fed up and unlike last time not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I get that both you and Andrea love the game and enjoy it, which is totally cool. But sometimes when either of you talk about the game it just seems like the two of you seem a little bit in a bubble about what (and again perhaps I'm wrong as It's difficult to speak for the majority) a large portion of Destiny fans think about this game. I mean at the very least the huge drop off in player count doesn't lie. People are not satisfied with this sequel and I think it's too little too late at this point. Certainly player count will get bumped up again when new expansions are added but I think that will be temporary. Destiny 2 had it's lowest player count during the holidays despite the PC version recently coming out (plus the last expansion) and some portions of fans presumably having time off to play games. Not looking good for Bungie…

  23. 20:14 none of those are adventure games – it's like Colin said, and I'm oaraphrasing "an adventure game doesn't mean you go on an adventure"

  24. Was really wanting persona 5 to be good…40hrs in and im still waiting😑

  25. The majority of gamer reviewer's talk about "cant wait to play this on the plane ride","saving this for the plane ride" kindafunny,IGN,and easyallies all say it

  26. What Remains of Edith Finch is not a game.
    It should not even be discussed on a gaming centric channel, it's disappointing to think that they might take away an award from REAL GAMES and give it to what is nothing more than a puffed up Visual Novel. Start a channel for "Kinda Funny Visual Novels" to talk about stuff like Edith Finch. Some day these things will be properly titled and removed from "videogame" storefronts.
    Selling non-gaming content front and center in a gaming store is just a deceitful marketing practice and worse than the trend of locking content behind Microtransactions in full price games.

  27. I like seeing Jessica here, and can't wait to see you guys in action during these DICE Awards. What a great year for gaming! 2017 was lit.

  28. I'm sad that neither Persona 5 or NieR: Automata were nominated for music 🙁 My pick for GOTY, from that list of nominess is Horizon Zero Dawn

  29. Feels like after the game awards, all these other awards shows and awards from every publication become a bit redundant, same nominees, same winners, perhaps less focus on various awards shows in the future

  30. I also ignorantly called my parents douchebags as a kid.

  31. Andrea and Greg both really enjoy Destiny 2, but the difference is she actually recognizes it as a terrible game where as Greg thinks it's legit great lol.

  32. Don't worry Greg, I'm with you on mario odyssey for game of the year. One of the few games that makes me want to keep playing it after beating it. Just got to darker side of the moon 🙂 saving up for the dry bone suit! so much fun, but I do find some parts challenging and hard.

  33. Tim seems a little out of it today 🙁 Hope you feel better now

  34. Wish I knew the release date for the new God of war. Come on Greg give us some inside info

  35. The letters from the community this episode were fantastic!

  36. Virtual Console is NOT coming! I personally do not care for it either. I want something NEW (Format wise) like a Netflix of services to their back catalogue of games. In which I can chose what I would like to play.

  37. Damn I’ve been a kinda funny listener for a long time but I thought they have a video daily but I guess not 😫 any other gaming podcast recommendations like kinda funny games?

  38. I just want to give a little love to Robo Recall. I just got an Oculus from my wife for Christmas and it has me totally sold on VR. I'd like to see it win.

  39. look at greggy rocking the beard i am a little behind on these episodes

  40. Why dose Greg's mug look like it's been cgi or green screened in to the video, it's messing with my mind 😂.

  41. Sophie's choice Jessica? You should Google that before you compare awesome things to a "Sophie's Choice"

  42. I love that someone who has been playing lots of games professionally for a lot of years thought that since her system died, it was a glitch, and she didn't just have to do the quest again. That's adorable. Not really though, from as soon as she said her system died before finishing the quest it obviously wasn't a glitch, and you just had to re-do it cause you didn't save. This isn't rocket science people.

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