7 Incredibly Fun Games To Play While In Quarantine | PS4, Xbox One & PC - game-webites.net

7 Incredibly Fun Games To Play While In Quarantine | PS4, Xbox One & PC

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These 7 really fun video games could be extremely useful to you in isolation/quarantine for the next upcoming days, weeks and months as we stay into our home because of this one little thing happening right now. (Shhh don’t pronounce the name!) Here are some great time-spending games you should be playing when in isolation! Let me know which game in this list is the best to you!

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  1. why do they all have to be online games ffs everywhere i search its online games…

  2. Thank you for making this video my only advice is i would ad prices so you have an idea

  3. The kingdom come game gave me a run for my mo y aka me running to get it

  4. The first game sounds like a truly fun one 😂

  5. I started replaying Skyrim again and I downloaded Witcher 3 never played Witcher b4 so ima see what the hypes about

  6. Finally, a video that I was trying to look for.


    hunter showdown was fun

  8. I highly recommend planet side 2, it’s free on all platforms I’m pretty sure, and 6000 players per server(2000 per team)

  9. Please, its not about "The government wants us to stay inside" we need to stay inside despite of any government for our and our close people's sakes. When your voices reaches thousands of people it matters 😛

  10. Nice to see my dude Nomyn is getting some recognition. 😀

    Btw nice video. I'll be playing some of them for sure. :3

  11. when you played all your games before quarantine and now Ll a pod them are boring.

  12. Who Is Bored As Hell And Search's These Videos For Days

  13. ton accent anglais me tue a chaque fois lmfao

  14. So glad Planetside 2 is getting more publicity

  15. My ps4 hasn't been working ever since quarantine. It's like the corona virus entered my ps4.

  16. ive been so bored for the last few months playing the same games over and over because im poor and i don't have a powerful pc so i cant really play that many games and i really badly want a great story game to play through

  17. I want to play hold fast but i dont have a pc

  18. Be sure to see Boogie 2899 Francis here on You tube!!!Awes!!🏆💚❤️

  19. Kingdom come was the most frustrating game i couldn't stop playing. I kept pulling up Google maps to match places up. Really cool to compare

  20. Here since Quebec has another quarantine because of covid omnibron or whatever

  21. Deep rock galactic is free on ps plus right now

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