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7 Harsh But Funny Punishments for Cheating in Games

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When a game aims to discourage cheating, it might deploy a stern text warning or an online ban. Alternatively, it might opt for a smackdown that is as hilarious as it is harsh – putting you in a hundred-billion-trillion-year time out, for instance, or a sudden fiery explosion. The punishments may seem extreme but they’re also very funny, which in our book makes them the perfect system of justice. Consider these seven of the most memorable.

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  1. I can press buttons really fast. I’d be the one unlucky fool who ‘gets caught cheating’ when I’ve never even thought of using autoclickers.

  2. I tried to enter cheats in the tie-in video game for 2005's King Kong and instead, once I'd entered it, the game just went something along the lines of "Load your game again and stop cheating!". I think it might have used red letters too

  3. 0:55 So funny, in fact, that I have a reference to this in my discord server (only people who break rules repeatedly will see it, though)

  4. 11:02 It's also possible to button mash fast enough for real that it thinks you're cheating and using autofire.

  5. Having anything to do with Harry Potter is a life fail.

  6. I enjoyed Sacreds busy suit for anyone using cheat code. Also HOMM3 which straight up called you a cheater in chat.

  7. isn't that Madara' Uchiha's English voice in ultima online?

  8. Just saying, when recording this, did you feel pain in the temple from the Ultima 7 portal sound?

  9. Number 4 was actually supposed to be done with a glitch…I think it had something to do with a chest?

  10. Imagine inserting a cheat code into your game that punishes you for using that cheat code, thats like making a gun that automatically aims in your mouth

  11. I like how I clicked this video and YouTube decided to advertise Tarkov cheats. I don't even play PC yet YouTube decided to advertise filth

  12. only possible if i end up in hufflepuff! i already got myself merch of that house it's my favorite one :')

  13. i can spawn a airboat in the stanley parable?

  14. Yuichi Usagi rabbit 🐇 paws 🐾 snow says:

    Some cheats codes never work again in some Lego games and borderlands games series really bad and awful to

  15. As a British person, I can confirm the only way to Britain is through a magic red portal in a large forest, where if you try to cheat you’ll be reprimanded and torched by a guy called Lord British

  16. The even more funny thing about Heretic being basically DOOM, is that DOOM 2 actually REQUIRED you to use the no-clip cheat code to be able to get to the exit in the last level. It was literally a small room with solid walls and ceiling so no normal way in or out of it, and it had a head on a spike that you shoot and the credits would start. I've heard the head was modeled after one of the devs. I suppose the point of the last level was you were supposed to spend the rest of your days fighting forever in hell with no escape, idk. I should really play the game again since I haven't played it since around the time it came out when I was a kid.

  17. I watched a playthrough of The Stanley Parable and what happened when they just stood in the closet for awhile was so dang funny!

  18. Fun fact: Hufflepuff is better than the other three houses UvU

    (lmbo I got wayyy too ticked off when they said cheating is only allowed if you get Hufflepuff)

  19. Too bad all MP games don't impliment the cheaters server/s, would make playing online more fun that a chore.

  20. I'm sorry but the serious room has to be one of the funniest yet worst ways to be punished for cheating in a game. It was a punishment for a game that had no reason at all for you to cheat in other than to see what the punishment would be, if there was one, and they delivered heavily. 🤣🤣

  21. love this channel's content. Hate its forced "comedy"

  22. “What’s fairer is…that I…..be Batman.”

  23. Fun fact if you tap the button too fast in the torture bit the game will think you're cheating so the game doesn't expect you to be that big of a button masher

  24. I will not stand for slander towards HufflePuff.

  25. no undertale in the sans fight?

  26. Is it just me or does the guy talking about the serious room sound like the Thomas narrator

  27. Well, similarly to the cannibox there is another terrifying nightmare monster in builders II! The merman! Which tears the player’s skin off in a tornado 😱😱😱

  28. As I and my hands aged I realized that auto turbo features on controllers weren't a cheat they were a safety mechanism

  29. The Ultima VII thing is particularly heinous because, of all the cheats, teleportation was almost necessary because the derpy psudo-3D made maneuvering the lava jumps rage–quittingly impossible.

  30. If you steal from the store in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the game will change your name, and everyone will call you 'theif' for the rest of the game.

    Worth it.

  31. To be fair that is the most fun thing about slenderman considering its the only thing about slenderman

  32. I can't remember the name of the game, but it was from the early 1990's. This RPG had a river of lava at the start of the game keeping you from some of the best equipment in the game. Late in the game, the lava would cool off and you could get access to the equipment. However, if you tried cheating and crossed the lava while it was still hot without dying using a cheat system like Gameshark, the game would then take your character to a classroom where a rather petulant nun would slap you on the wrist with a ruler three times, accuse you of cheating and then order you to copy 50 pages of a dictionary by hand. After being told this, it was game over.

  33. The Stanley Parable serious room: has anybody tried waiting it out and seeing whether they get out after the prescribed time?

  34. That's a pretty clever feature to detect when a player is using their controller's autofire function. Probably simple to implement, but clever. No wonder they wanted to boast about it. I would!

  35. Theres one for cuphead theres this creepy intro if you download it illegally

  36. satire
    1:22 Don't be surprised if a bunch of Hufflepuffs come after you. Myself included.

  37. Everytime i hear The Narrator whine about cheats i hear a baby crying in auto tune.

  38. I remember having a friend who was sent to Titanfall's cheat server. All I said to him was, What's the point?

  39. I love that little message

    “Not even a bug in this game will save you from me”

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