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5 FUN GAMES to Play in Minecraft!

Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we take a look at 5 really fun games that you can build in Minecraft that will allow you to have a blast either on your own or with your mates!


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  1. You noobie Lolo owl also dog and donkey boo man you noobies

  2. Am I the only one who hears “ snorlax” when he says “rs nor latch”

  3. In Sweden we have a TV program named mumbo jumbo. If you dont believe me search it up.

  4. Me: Has no friends
    Mumbo: Redstone?

    Edit: I have friends…

  5. MumboJumbo- Rock Paper Scissors is entirely random. Weebs who have watched No Game No Life- Debatable

  6. They're like arcade game machines. I love your minigame tutorial! Great job on these! 🙂

  7. Can we get a detailed tutorial for the minecart dodge?

  8. What did u put on the first rock paper scissors on the shulker box

  9. can someone confirm if you can use this in 2020?

  10. Mumbo: (looks at mess of Redstone) now, this is extremely simple


  11. Mumbo ( looks at decked out) that’s simple

  12. “The minecart dodger mini game”

    So basically Smash Ultimate online play

  13. Mumbo jumbo can you show us how to build it because I don’t understand =/

  14. I know this is kind of late, but how are you getting only 1 light to light on the computer side?

  15. Me : what is redstone
    Me : watch’s this video
    Mumbo : this is incredibly simple!
    Mumbo : shows the contraption
    Me : how the hell are you supposed to make that 😑


  16. i love to make games in minecraft, but i never even thought of redstone, but i am great with it

  17. make a car or plane that can go forwards bakwards left and right

  18. Jokes aside
    I built the minecart doger minigame but it took 3 days
    Now it may not be surprising
    But guess what?
    I built it…..

    in bedrock

  19. Can u make a tutorial of every mini games!?

  20. Ever heard of the chesticuffs? It’s something Wilber and Slimesicle came up with during Tommyinnits rising lava video. You should make an actual game out of it cause They were just messing around. It’s like Pokémon but in a Minecraft chest with random items.

  21. Tried to make the connect 4 on bedrock edition, followed instructions and won’t work as of 23/2/21 any help?

  22. I was thinking and I found out that I have your head on the server via datapack they sell it to me wandering Trader and I have it on the spa I really like it I didn't know who it belonged to and it was you: DD

  23. This Vid was uploaded after 1day from my Bday Ur vids r nice Mumbo jumbo,,,U r legend at Redstone and builds,,,If U guys like his builds And Redstone tricks Like My Comment let me know How many of u Lovee 🙂

  24. What happened to Shulker Or Shulker Box? (Just intended as a joke, I know that this is a different video.)

  25. I used rock paper siser cuz I got no friend

  26. i can't get the rock paper scissors

  27. The Rock paper scissor is not workin in 1.16.5
    Edit : I got the solution. Watch Mumbo's Video "Redstone has changed in 1.16"

  28. Imagen if you were thus talented in redstone

  29. Like is the rock paper scissor machine still working in 2021 ? anyone knows? or did some redstone changes occur?

  30. why the redcode thig wont work on me

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