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40 Most Ridiculous Moments at Amusement Parks Caught on Camera

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40 Most Ridiculous Moments at Amusement Parks Caught on Camera

What could be better than spending a pleasant summer day at an amusement park or water park? Such places seem to be everywhere around the world, and offer all kinds of fun rides for all ages. Here, however, sometimes very funny, curious, and sometimes shocking cases occur there. Some of them were even captured on camera, so you and I will be able to enjoy an interesting spectacle in full today. Are you ready?

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  1. They'll need a hell of a drain rod if that fat dude gets stuck after they flush him!

  2. Black women, weaves are disgusting. It's not attractive, it's not fooling anyone and it's GROSS!

  3. 4:39 I'm pretty sure, kids of this size should not even be allowed on this ride.
    Look at where the safety bar is. It should be over her chest, but it's wider than her shoulders.
    What a good daddy and what a good ride operator.

  4. I feel robbed, where was the fat dude in the upright tube, I was expecting to see him stuck! ☹☹

  5. In one of the clips at the start of the video a dog was pushed into the lake. 😭

  6. Taking the p*ss out of someones weight just to get reactions is really low .

  7. Thanks for sharing Videos 😅 Appreciate it Take care

  8. Is this an AI narrator? Maybe translated from a different language by Google translate and then read by a bot?
    Weird and distracting

  9. Bruh how in TF did you get that picture of me as a kid in the thumbnail? Props camera man

  10. So much talks isnt necessary for these kind of videos

  11. The fat shaming of the kid at 6:23 was uncalled for. He has every right to be there enjoying himself. If you don't like looking at him there are 355° in your field of vision you can look at. It must come as a shock to know you are probably no prize to some people.

  12. 1:22 I knew a guy who could play DDR like that. Unfortunately he turned out to be a womaniser who was only interested in one thing 😭

  13. An average girl who loves multiple shows says:

    If you want to get killed yes 4:14

  14. The black girl with wig and fake eye lashes 😂 why would a guy wanna get with a woman only to wake up and find a store mannequin 😅😅

  15. Simply incredible… I mean the ratio of likes to views…

  16. Turn down the sound. The narration is stupid.

  17. By commentating a funny video makes it not funny… its very distracting

  18. The consequences could be.. deplorable?

  19. 6:19 poor dog got hurt because it's stupid owners didn't have him on a leash..

  20. I've done the slide that drops from under your feet and the tube down the slides both at White Water, very fun! Just don't fall out like that guy.

  21. The girl that passed out on the roller coaster reminds me of fainting goats.

  22. Was the narration written by AI or something?

  23. Why do we need to suffer the voice over telling us where to look and what bit of scene is funny to the editor what a waste of other wise funny clips not that i can watch it

  24. The Commentary is awful 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  25. Watching these fails is like enjoying a comedy show. A standing ovation for your creativity

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