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21 Easy and fun games for kids that require no supplies to play. These games are great to play with friends, family, and your students. Every needed a game to play on the spot, this video and part 1 are your new “go to” library of no supply games. You’ll never be caught without a game again. And I’ve just realized there are actually 22 games in this video, not 21.

Watch Part 1 15 Games for kids requiring no supplies:

FREE Say It Like Game:

*Time Stamps*
0:00 Intro & Greeting
0:20 Animal Mashup
0:37 Pop Up Story
0:48 Hide
1:20 Emoji Faces
1:34 Charades
1:58 This or That
2:14 Say It Like
3:02 Follow
3:16 5 Things
3:33 Yoga Challenge
4:01 Don’t Blink
4:16 Goats
4:49 Walk This Way
5:13 Reverse Charades
5:42 Never Have I
6:16 Singing Whisper
6:41 Two Truths
7:08 Hum That
7:25 Four Corners
8:20 I Spy
8:42 Memory
9:48 One Word

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  1. I got another idea based on the animal mash up which I think would be more fun. I will try to tomorrow with the children I teach. I am thinking telling one child 2 animals and she will try to draw a mash up of those 2 animals and the sister needs to guess which are the animals. I think the drawings would look so fun it will be a blast

  2. These are fun. But I need one for much younger kids.

  3. Can we have some toddler activities or games (want them for my 3 yr old brother)

  4. yeahh teal life game!!! My daughter Mia-Luna just turned 7

  5. I always liked One Word and I Spy. Good stuff Shawn!!!!

  6. You are such a resourceful mom! 🔥

    Have you considered sharing foreign language resources?

    We would love to partner with you!

  7. Thank you! I needed this today. I am a team leader for VBS and I have 20 minutes with the kids that I need to fill. I was able to do so for the last three days but today is day four and I need a little help with thinking of things to do. This has been amazing!

  8. So nice I actually need this because me and my siblings and my cousins are going to a place that most of the family there so this is the best

  9. Thank you..i will try the dont blink game with the kids

  10. Hey, thank you so much because when I go out with my friends we don’t know what to play. This helped me a lot. Thanks again.

  11. I loved this Idea, but can we use it in birthday parties❓, My birthday is coming in 2 days🎉

  12. Hey there was namaste when you show yoga challenge and namaste means hello in respectful type in hindi

  13. Thank you. I have to look after a group of kids this evening and they are going to have a great time thanks to your ideas!

  14. Thank you so much me and my mom are meeting up with her cousin and son and it’s my job to keep him entertained

  15. I love this video never seen a better one

  16. I work with children and these games will help me a lot! Thank you!

  17. Oh thanks vey much! I am a babysitter of 6 year old children and babies so I will love to play with them thanks again

  18. Definitely enjoyed watching this and having new ideas for games to play with my children. I'm a stay at home mom of 4 and I've ran out of ideas and we've all been so bored lately. Excited to try some of these and hopefully can find more ideas on some other videos you may have. ❤ God Bless you 🙌 and thank you ❤

  19. Wow you are so creative. Thanks for sharing. I have a question about the first game. It would be great if you could help me with it. Animal mashup. Means kids need to act an animal and imitate the other animal's voice right? So when we play it, how could we carry on? We call out an animal and ask someone to do it then next person chooses another animal randomly?

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