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2½ Hours of Just Funny Game Show Clips from Game Show Moments Gone Bananas

Chad Mosher
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A fun project to tackle. This is all five of the 2005 Game Show Moments Gone Bananas specials, but with practically none of the introductions, segues, or in-studio games. Just 146 minutes of the highest video quality clips, nothing but funny game show moments from the Goodson-Todman and Fremantle libraries. Some of Ben Stein’s narration remains. Please let me know if you enjoyed this!

American, Australian, and British game shows and pilots featured include: Atinale al Precio, Beat the Clock, Blankety Blank, Blind Date, Blockbusters, Card Sharks, Child’s Play, Distraction, Double Dare, Family Feud, Family Fortunes, I’m With Stupid, I’ve Got a Secret, Match Game, The Name’s the Same, Password, Password Plus, Perfect Match, Press Your Luck, The Price is Right, Puzzlers, Sale of the Century, Say When!!, Scrabble, Showoffs, Super Password, TattleTales, To Tell the Truth, Whammy!, What’s My Line?, and Your Face or Mine?


  1. 5:39 Just a wild guess here, but I am going to say that American Indians lived in, "America"?

  2. 7:36 funniest part is F would work for the first 3.

    Fart Fall Fable are all words.

  3. God how I miss this America! Back when normal was NORMAL, natural was NATURAL, men were MEN, women were WOMEN…. and all knew the damn difference! We were so much happier back then! Was before the festering boil that is the left exploded, infecting every area of our lives…. if you think that's just "coincidence", I have ocean front property in Kansas to sell CHEAP!:)

  4. This was wonderful and I laughed out loud. And I really appreciate the kindness that the host treated Jane with.

  5. 1:33:05 "But everybody KNOWS the damn thing's not there!" RIP Bob Barker (December 12, 1923 – August 26, 2023)

  6. Man, please tell me that kid at 39:23 got famous later in life. He's just born for the stage!

  7. 2:13:47 thats the first time i heard a contagious laughter in a game show

  8. Everyone from a young chirstie ally to Meg Ryan lol

  9. RIP BOB , HE MADE IT TO 99 W/O GOING OVER !!!!😂, we'll miss you.

  10. 17:18 – contestant is Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian (playing herself – Deven Green – or someone who looks just like her who also is named Deven)

  11. @6:22 the host cheated the guy said 'I' and while there is an I in the word he still said no.

  12. I do like game shows. Thumbs Up. Subscribe.

  13. It's weird to see Groucho Marx sitting next to Dorothy Kilgallen, who was later found dead after she announced she had discovered something big in the JFK assassination case. Meanwhile, Groucho's entry into politics consisted of saying the only hope America had was if Nixon was assassinated. Fortunately we had Woodward and Bernstein to save us from that necessity.

  14. I think this is one of the funniest best videos on youtube and the world.

  15. That laugh is certainly faked. Lol sounds like a needy puppy.

  16. What a classy period of television. Truly gentleman.

  17. SO|/|E–of-this–is–staged——-🤡

  18. Apparently they drive SUVs in the tour to France 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Started to watch hoping to fall asleep ended up watching it all

  20. So many stupid people, how the hell do they accomplish anything.

  21. Now I know why they have quiz shows in the USA, it's because they are a lot funnier than their comedy shows.

  22. You sound like Ben stein. That's a plus😊

  23. feel for the center at the base of the pots, morons ! I hate contestants even more then game show hosts even more then game shows even more then people who like game shows even more then people.

  24. Someone please explain the Coe I didn't get it

  25. 0:06 rock star Madonna? 😵‍💫 Madonna never made rock music😄

  26. What a beautiful moment gifting the holiday!!. I'm really struggling right now and I just loved that!!. I really mean it. Iknow this is years old but people can be so kind. I hope she enjoyed that holiday and God bless you mate for that.

  27. That should be on TV now all of those great shows worth watching love it

  28. Dude this is the funniest thing I have seen in a very very long time, I was LMAO so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Thanks so much for this. Bloody hilarious 😅

  30. Jerry Lewis with the Diet Pill lady, i was like whoaaaa. Now adays he would've dve gotten flack.

  31. Good grief, the ones with the kids bore me. Most of the others are funny.

  32. That one British show is masochistic and weired in many different ways. It dawned on me that people on this show are willing to lose their dignity just to get a prize. It's like the Pavlov experiments. How low are people willing to go?? To normalize this type of behavior and think it funny is appalling. It begs the question, are British people mentally ill and if so, is it by design? Is it by design here in America too?? They are probably not the only two. Turning us stupid might be a way to control us. Turn off your TV's people. Put your phones down. Elevate your standards.
    In my opinion the older American game shows were funnier and light hearted.

  33. 9:46 is like the when someone gets healed to walk at a gospel church

  34. Now looking at The Price is Right I think these people are told to act crazy excited before the show starts

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