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10 Funny Games That’ll Make You Look Ridiculous! (Minute to Win It)

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10 funny party games that’ll guarantee to make you look ridiculous! Want to get a good laugh? Try out these fun & silly Minute to Win It Challenges at your next party. Great for both kids and adults!

Here are all the challenges, in no particular order.


1. Bobblehead – 00:30
Items: Pedometer, headband
Rules: With a pedometer strapped to their head, the player must bob their heads in attempt to acculumate as many steps as possible in 60 seconds.

2. Knee Trembler – 02:28
Items: Oranges, hoop
Rules: Using only their knees, players must take turns picking up oranges one at a time from the ground and transfer them to a hoop across the room. The team to transfer the most oranges in 60 seconds wins.

3. Baby Rattle – 03:57
Items: Empty 2-liter soda bottles, gumballs
Rules: Players must shake all the gumballs from the top bottle to the bottom.

4. Magic Carpet Ride – 05:08
Items: Bath matt
Rules: While sitting on a bath mat, players must move from one side of a room to the other using the “inchworm” technique.

5. Nervous Nelly – 06:28
Items: Pedometers
Rules: With pedometers strapped to their arms and legs, players must move in an attempt accumulate as many steps as possible in 60 seconds.

6. Face the Cookie – 07:56
Items: Oreos
Rules: Players must move a cookie from their forehead to their mouths using only their facial muscles.

7. Jingle in the Trunk – 08:57
Items: Empty tissue box, jingle bells/ping pong balls
Rules: Players must empty a box full of jingle bells attached to their lower backs without using their hands.

8. How’s It Hangin’ – 10:06
Items: Banana, string, oranges
Rules: Using the momentum generated by their hips, players must swing a banana dangling below their waist to move oranges to a designated zone.

9. Nose Dive – 11:16
Items: Petroleum Jelly, Cotton Balls, Bowl
Rules: Players must transfer cotton balls, one-by-one, from one bowl to another using petroleum jelly on their nose. The first player to transfer 5 cotton balls first wins.

10. Pink Elephant – 12:27
Items: Headband, slinky
Rules: With a slinky attached to the player’s forehead, the player must swing the slinky upwards in attempt to retract the slinky, so that it rests on their forehead.

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  1. I love watching your videos, great team spirit! Thanks for sharing. At the end of night, what does the winning team get? A prize, trophy …? I'm going to organize some of these challenges for our office Christmas party in a couple of weeks.

  2. Love it!! i must try some of these games with my fam on christmas 😉👍

  3. i will Add some of them in my spring carnival IN SHAA ALLAH.

  4. magic carpet ride was my favorite(I think there all fun tho) Lmbooo

  5. What is used to hold the slinkys on a person

  6. Where can I purchase the perimeter headbands from? Thank you 🤣🤩

  7. 청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF says:

    This is really great experimental.
    They are very enthusiastic and awesome!!!
    It seems we would love to enjoy the games.

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