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Why It’s Important to Play Funny Games with the Right Mindset

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Humor is an essential component of many works of art and fiction. While it is not absolutely necessary, self-awareness and comedic timing often help the narrative shine. However, being witty and coming up with great jokes throughout the story is not easy. Not to mention that what some people find amusing, others consider appalling or inappropriate. This is especially noticeable in gaming where the presentation sometimes contradicts the mechanics. People looking for funny games to download often end up disappointed as a result. And it’s not necessarily due to poor writing. The actual issue usually resides in individual preferences and expectations. For instance, not everyone enjoys hearing the protagonist’s snarky comments while shooting at enemies. This article is an attempt to analyze the category of humorous interactive entertainment. Hopefully, the following overview can help everyone find the style that suits them best.


A Matter of Taste

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Some developers try really hard to make the audience laugh at specific situations and dialogue. Others put a heavy emphasis on the visual aspect by introducing over-the-top designs. The list below highlights several approaches that companies usually take. Ultimately, it’s up to the consumer to decide what works and what doesn’t.

  • Dark comedy. Essentially, this means making light of death, violence, suffering, and other serious subjects. Such elements are common in shooters like Postal featuring insane levels of gore. Alternatively, South Park the Stick of Truth satirizes sensitive societal and political issues.
  • Lighthearted point-and-click adventures. This genre has spawned numerous classic series known for their charismatic characters and hilarious line delivery. Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Grim Fandango to name a few. Their cartoonish graphics, whimsical premises, absurd problems and solutions never fail to entertain.
  • AAA franchises with comedic aspects. Industry titans like Valve and Rockstar don’t shy away from occasional gags and goofs. Portal, Saints Row, and GTA can be ironic, sarcastic, and downright silly at times. While this isn’t the end goal, their comical tone definitely contributes to their success.
  • Multiplayer slapstick. In many cases, the mechanics themselves end up being the source of hysterical howling. Exaggerated physics of Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts make the participants tumble uncontrollably. They flail and thresh about helplessly struggling to perform the simplest tasks. In Overcooked, hilarity comes from meals piling up and chefs making mistakes and hasty decisions.
  • VR sims with a first-person perspective. Performing time-sensitive tasks that require absolute precision is tricky while wearing a cumbersome headset. Consequently, both Surgeon and Job Simulator are absolutely ridiculous due to their intentionally clumsy controls.

The examples mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Each type has the potential of forcing the player to burst into laughter. The trick is figuring out which one suits a specific personality best.

Casual Funny games Online

Casual Funny games Online

The aforementioned titles are relatively well-known and widely available. Unfortunately, they have a significant downside of having high price tags. Many users have no idea about the existence of worthy alternatives that don’t cost anything. They offer comparable or even superior content without emptying the fans’ pockets. Impossible Quiz is a surreal puzzle with clever wordplay, ludicrous puns, and inconsistent rules. Happy Wheels is an over-the-top gorefest extravaganza of a driving sim. Search for these and similar entries on aggregator websites in the appropriate sections. Launch them using regular web-browsers from any computer connected to the Internet.

Sometimes, there’s nothing healthier than letting go of negative emotions and having a good laugh. Doing so can be a welcome release for both the mind and the soul. Check out the paid options or explore entire archives of funny games free of charge. Give them all a try, discover the most enjoyable ones, and have fun.